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HHD Software Free Hex Editor 3.1 is a powerful binary editor
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HHD Software Free Hex Editor 3.1 is a powerful binary editor, you can use for editing binary files. This is the smartest tool to work with multiple files with out any interruption. You can open up to 15 terabytes within few seconds, rename and scroll files and open various views for every file, organize the data in different ways and much more. Composed with a list of editing commands like delete, fill, find and replace it provides two types of editing modes. The first mode allows the user to put in new data and delete chosen data from a file and the second mode allows overwriting on any file. In fact you can use editing commands on several areas of the document. Via its powerful Clipboard feature, you can exchange data between two documents within the Hex Editor or with Window Explorer. It is compatible with vector image and allows the user to store command icons, dialogs in vector format. Unfortunately this is the older version and is not available on its website. Instead you can download new and advanced version of it.

Padma Pardhy
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  • You can work with multiple files
  • You can display part of the data in codes and symbols


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